What is Howamigoing?

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In a nutshell...

Howamigoing is a beautiful online platform that helps companies enhance their feedback culture.

By helping people get better feedback more often, employees are more motivated, do better work and stay longer. Longer in the business that is, not longer into the night 🤓!

What makes Howamigoing different to other employee feedback tools?

In 2020 we were ranked #21 in the UK Startups 100 list, for good reason 😇.

Better design

Not only is our platform a thing of beauty, the functionality has been carefully curated to give a unique mix of performance-enhancing features.

This isn't a top-down, command-and-control, tick-the-box piece of software for HR to roll out. This is a fun, engaging, grass-roots platform that works for ALL employees, from intern to CEO.

Better questions

You get great outcomes by asking great questions. Poorly-phrased questions lead to pointless performance management processes.

That’s why we first vet our feedback forms with leading clinical psychologists. Then we ask people which questions have helped them do better work and build more meaningful relationships. Then we update our question library for all customers to leverage - and slap them on screen as 'best-practice forms'.

Better feedback

If feedback isn’t honest, it’s not that helpful. And the science is pretty clear that we are more honest when we’re anonymous, because our fight-or-flight instincts are subdued.

That’s why we make sure that (A) constructive feedback is requested (i.e. not unsolicited) and that (B) those responding to feedback requests have their names removed from their comments. With the right questions, this leads to richer insights.

Better culture

When more people are getting better feedback more often, a few awesome things happen:

  1. More people know where they stand and how to do better work

  2. Performance discussions are more transparent

  3. Fewer communication breakdowns happen

  4. Fewer people are anxious about their work

  5. Better relationships form within teams

  6. Fewer people quit

This is what Howamigoing delivers.

Where is Howamigoing located?

We have our HQ in London but have Howmies spread across the world, from the UK to Spain to Romania to New Zealand.

Every few months (before COVID!) we get together in Europe to figure out what's next for our platform 🛫.

Who do we mainly work with?

One of the neat things about Howamigoing is our Freemium/ self-service option. This makes us perfect for smaller businesses who are just getting started.

But, word gets around about the cool new kid in town that's making everyone's life easier... so now we have customers in more than 24 countries, from 10-person startups to thousand-person Government agencies.

Turns out that getting better feedback more often is a big, big need around the world!

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