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Getting going with Howamigoing
Telling your team about Howamigoing
Telling your team about Howamigoing

We've got some tips and templates to help you spread the love internally ✍️

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So you've decided that Howamigoing is your friend...

...and you've gotten buy-in from 'coupla others' in the business...

...and now you want to communicate this to your people!

Well, you're in luck!

We've prepared some internal comms templates that you can copy-paste into an email, Slack channel or Teams message.

For example...

When should I tell everyone about Howamigoing?

If you're launching with a 360 feedback process, then best to give a couple weeks' notice πŸ“¨.

If you're not launching with a particular team-wide or company-wide process, e.g. you just want to start slow and have people use Good vibes or Ask me anything, then a few days' notice and casual nudge is fine πŸ‘‹πŸΌ.

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