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Assigning roles and permissions to your people
Assigning roles and permissions to your people

Understand what's in the castle 🏰 before you give the keys πŸ”‘ away to it.

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We have three types of user privileges within Howamigoing:

  1. Owner

  2. Admins

  3. Users

User privileges are updated one-by-one within the 'Admin' > 'People' part of the platform.

If you are on a paid annual relationship with Howamigoing, speak to your friendly Customer Support Howmie about bulk updating user privileges using a spreadsheet import πŸ›—.


Each account has 1 Owner πŸ”‘.

This is usually the person that created the account and first signed up to Howamigoing. The Owner has the authority to delete the Howamigoing account. If you are the Owner and you'd like to transfer this role to someone else, just send an email to [email protected].


An account can have multiple Admins.

By default, the Owner is an Admin.

Admins have the ability to:

  1. Add, edit and delete people inside your Howamigoing account

  2. Set up 360 feedback events

  3. Send out pulse surveys using Private feedback


Anyone that isn't the Owner or an Admin is a User. Not in the drug or alcohol sense of course. But they'll soon be addicted to good feedback πŸ₯³.

A User can:

  1. Send and respond to Good vibes

  2. Send and respond to Ask me anything

  3. Send Private feedback requests (excluding pulse survey templates)

  4. Respond to (but not create) Private feedback requests (including pulse surveys)

  5. Participate in (but not create) 360 feedback events

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