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So there are just 3 parts to each person's org chart:

You can update a person's team, manager or feedback viewer one-by-one, or in bulk. Zip to that tip below by clicking here.

Assigning teams

This is an easy one!

Even though we use the phrase 'Teams', it's really just a grouping of people to make it easier to find those you work most closely with. So you could use Teams to group people by department, title or project.

Note that if you are using our Personio integration, you may already have some teams created by default, and you may already have people assigned to teams. Fields that you are unable to edit in Howamigoing can be edited in Personio and then will automatically update in Howamigoing within 24 hours.

Assigning managers

Each person can have just 1 manager in Howamigoing. This should be their direct manager - the person they report into.

A manager:

  1. Is automatically asked to give feedback as part of a 360 feedback event

  2. Has the ability to view the 360 feedback received by their direct report

Re #2 above, you can see this in the below screengrab, where Julian Cook is listed as Ovidiu Naclad's manager.

Managers can view the entire 360 feedback history of their direct reports. Even if the direct report started with your business before the manager did.

Assigning 360 feedback viewers

Whereas each person can have only 1 manager, they can have multiple 360 feedback viewers.

Just like a manager, a 360 feedback viewer can view the 360 feedback received by said employee, all the way back to that employee's first 360 feedback event.

But unlike a manager, a feedback viewer is not automatically asked to give feedback as part of a 360 feedback event.

For example... you might want to temporarily allow the Head of People of COO or CEO to view the 360 feedback received by all staff ahead of deciding a promotion.

A reminder: no one can view anyone else's Private feedback. It's exactly that: Private. Like it says on the tin.πŸ₯«

Updating people's team, manager or feedback viewers

You can update these settings one-by-one by editing a user's profile...

Or in bulk...

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