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Sync your people with Howamigoing while you're sleeping

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If you use Personio AND Howamigoing, you're in for a treat! 🍭

Howamigoing's Personio integration is designed to:

Save you loads of time! ⏳

  • Because Howamigoing is automatically synced with the latest data in Personio every 24 hours

Save you loads of money! πŸ’°

  • Because you'll get a discount on both sides for using Howamigoing + Personio

What is Personio?

Personio is an awesome HR information system (HRIS) where you can manage all your employee data and HR interactions.

It helps you manage everything from recruiting to leave bookings and, with the Howamigoing integration in place, performance and feedback processes too.

Getting set up with Personio

If you don't already use Personio, you can set up a 14 day free trial account.

Activating our Personio integration

You'll need about 5 minutes to do this. And then you'll never need to think about it again. Not bad, huh?!

The step-by-step instructions are below, or put your headphones on 🎧, get comfy πŸ›‹ and watch a video walkthrough.

To start...

Go to Admin > Integrations and click 'Connect'

Then follow the steps as they appear...

1. Enter your Personio account subdomain

That's the part of the URL with your company's account name e.g. https://subdomain.personio.de

2. Login to Personio

So that you are logged into Howamigoing and Personio on different tabs at the same time...

3. Get your Personio credentials

So that we can match your Howamigoing account with your Personio account.

The 'credentials' are a .txt file that'll automatically download when you click 'Download from Personio'.

Note: if you already have other integrations set up with your Personio account then you will already have some credentials. You need to use the same credentials for all your Personio integrations, so in this case please use your existing credentials rather than downloading new ones to ensure you don't break your connection with other integrations.

4. Enter your Personio credentials into Howamigoing

Cut and paste them from the file that'll automatically download from Personio to your computer, if you're downloading them for the first time.

5. Pull across your Personio data

This is the data that will be automatically synced between the 2 platforms, and will update all by itself every 24 hours.

Click 'Go to Personio'...

Then, 'Edit'...

Then, select the list of attributes that match the list on the Howamigoing tab...

Then go back to the Howamigoing tab and click 'Next'...

6. Send the Howamigoing invitation email to your people

So they can activate their account with us, set a password and get started with doing feedback! Find out more about why this step is *really important*.

And then you're done! πŸ₯³

What Personio data we need access to, and why

We will magically pull across the following data from Personio (with your permission as part of the integration set-up process explained above), and update it every 24 hours...

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Status (i.e. whether the person is 'active' on your Personio account)

  • Position (i.e. job title)

  • Supervisor (i.e. Manager)

  • Department

  • Profile picture

  • Team

Automatically pulling across this data from your Personio account means that:

  • Your Howamigoing account magically sets itself up!

  • You only need to keep Personio up to date with your employee data!

  • There's zero ongoing admin for you!

  • You're winning at life! πŸ™Œ

Inviting people in Personio to your Howamigoing account

Could. Not. Be. Easier.

In fact, you don't have to do anything!

Once the integration is set up, we automatically pull new people in your Personio account through to Howamigoing every 24 hours.

Just make sure that you've checked the box that allows us to send them an invitation email so they can join the Howamigoing platform and set their password.

If you haven't done this, then you'll need to invite them manually via Admin > People.

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