You want to make sure the message you're sending someone is heard by them in the way you intended, right?!

So, there's one simple trick that works every time:

Describe the facts of what happened then your feelings about it.

For example:

“Hey {name removed}, a little feedback from me below.

Fact - last week you created a Howmie [that’s what the Howamigoing team call ourselves] Developer boot camp doc in Google, then you shared it in Slack for everyone to see, with a long explanation behind it.”

Feeling - it makes me think you want to be and you will be a great teacher. It makes me feel that you take action from our discussions. Makes me feel proud to have you on the team. Keep up the good work ☺️.”


  • Stating the facts up front means you're both on the same page

  • Then, your subjective view of those facts can be delivered safely and received warmly.

Works perfectly for less friendly feedback too!

Check out the ~3 min video below for more info to help you get the hang of this simple, critical skill that'll help you in all areas of life.

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