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How to use Ask me anything

Here's a little shot of courage πŸ’ͺ to give you some comfort in getting started.

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Ask me anything is really simple to use!

This article shows you how to:

OR, if you have your headphones handy, then watch this 2 min video:

Sending an AMA

Step 1 - Select who you want to send the question to

You can pick anyone within your Howamigoing account. ANYONE! Even the CEO 😳.

Step 2 - Type out your question

You got this!

Remember, it's safe to ask a difficult question because it's totally anonymous.

Responding to an AMA

You can respond privately or publicly to an AMA. Or not at all 😏.

Responding privately

Only the person who sent you the question will see the answer. No one else. Ever πŸ˜‡.

Responding publicly

Everyone on your Howamigoing account will be able to see your answer and will get an email or Slack notification accordingly. The identity of the question asker remains anonymous though πŸ˜‡.

Flagging abuse or misuse 😳

If someone asks an inappropriate question, you can report it as shown below. We, and the Owner of your Howamigoing account, will be notified and we'll take action accordingly.

Viewing other people's AMAs

When someone responds publicly to an AMA you'll be able to see it 🀩. It looks something like the below...

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