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Who can I ask to give me 360 feedback?
Who can I ask to give me 360 feedback?

Get to know the rules of the road for gathering broad feedback.

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If you've been enrolled in a 360 feedback event, you can pick anyone in your Howamigoing account as a 'feedback giver'.

This means that if an Admin has added contractors, freelancers, clients, friends, relatives or prominent politicians (πŸ€”) to your Howamigoing account, then you can choose them to give you 360 feedback. Word to the wise: don't ask Trump for feedback. It usually ends up being more about him than you, and it's always a glowing reference.

BUT! Please note that your direct manager is automatically included as a 360 feedback provider for you. SO... if you need to pick between 3 to 5 people to give you feedback, you really only have the choice of 2 to 4 people.

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