Who can view my 360 feedback?

Understand the different viewing permissions available.

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Anyone listed as your:

  1. Manager, or

  2. 360 feedback viewer,

will be able to view the 360 feedback you receive.

But don't worry - they are viewing the feedback exactly as you are seeing it. No smoke and mirrors or hidden doors here - we like to keep it transparent at Howamigoing πŸͺŸ.

E.g. here is some 360 feedback I received recently.

And as you can see below, with Kim as my feedback viewer, she's looking at the same comments, albeit the order of the comments has been shuffled.

Managers vs 360 feedback viewers


Each person can have just 1 manager in Howamigoing. This will normally be your direct manager - the person you report into. A manager:

  1. Is automatically asked to give you feedback as part of a 360 feedback event

  2. Has the ability to view the 360 feedback you receive

Managers can view your entire 360 feedback history, just as you can. Even if you started in the business before they did.

360 viewers

Whereas you can have only 1 manager, you can have multiple 360 feedback viewers.

Just like a manager, a 360 viewer can view the 360 feedback you receive, all the way back to your first 360 feedback event.

But unlike a manager, a feedback viewer is not automatically asked to give feedback as part of a 360 feedback event.

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