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360 feedback - what is it and why use it?
How do I export or share my 360 feedback?
How do I export or share my 360 feedback?

When sharing is caring, here's how to do it!

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For now, the way to share your 360 feedback is exactly the same as sharing your Private feedback: Download a PDF of it and then share that with others.

It's a really neatly formatted PDF, great for the environment 🌲!

This allows you to:

  • Save the feedback down in your company's internal file storage system πŸ—„

  • Print feedback ahead of a 1:1 and make notes before or during this chat (we put a blank page at the end of the PDF πŸ’‘)

pssst... We are working on a solution that'll allow you to share your feedback inside of Howamigoing.

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