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What you can and can't do while we're paying for lunch

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Being a startup, small business, or a team inside a bigger business shouldn't preclude you from having regular, helpful feedback flows between people πŸ€”.

For that reason, and because most people like to try before they buy πŸ’·,

you can you use

  • All our products, and

  • All our templates, and

  • All our integrations,

for free for the first 3 months πŸ₯³.

So what do I pay after the first 3 months?

After the first 3 months you need to move to a paid relationship. This puts you on our Starter plan, where you pay a platform fee of Β£49 per person per year.

If you want some customisations, access to sentiment analysis or account management or bespoke training/ webinars, then you can choose our Pro plan relationship.

And of course, all of this is on our pricing page πŸ˜‡.

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