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All the extra, juicy stuff we can offer you

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What you can do

Those on our Pro plan get everything within the Starter plan:

  • All our products πŸ› 

  • All our templates πŸ“„

  • All our integrations βš™οΈ

  • Unlimited peeps 🏒

As well as:

  • Custom reporting

  • Custom feedback forms

  • Dedicated account management

  • Custom integrations (including Single Sign On)

In a nutshell, if you're on a Pro relationship, you've got a Howmie by your side guaranteeing that your feedback culture will be enhanced every, single, quarter πŸ’ͺ.

What you pay

Pro relationships are paid annual relationships.

There are 3 components to the total annual fee:

  1. Platform fee

  2. Support fee

  3. Server fee (if needed)

Platform fee

This is equivalent to Β£49 per person per year, the same as the Starter offering. We offer volume discounts if there are more than 500 people in your account πŸ’₯.

Support fee

This is a flat annual fee that varies depending on:

  • How much dedicated support, advice and guidance you'd like

  • Whether you require any bespoke software customisations or integrations

Every company is different and every People Team is different, which means the support fee varies a lot.

Server fee (if needed)

If you'd like your data hosted on a separate server, then we charge for that service. The server fee depends on how many people are in your account, though it is less sensitive to scale than the platform fee.

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