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Is my feedback really anonymous?

Yes, your 360, Private and Pulse feedback is anonymous! Let us explain...

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Yes! Well, it's aaaaalmost anonymous.

Feedback in the form of a sliding scale i.e. rating is 100% anonymous.

Feedback in the form of written text is as anonymous as you make it. By that I mean, if you have a particular writing style or use unique words or phrases, it may be clear to the person viewing feedback that it was you.

Take the below example - we are looking at Kim Monney's feedback.

We can see that 6 people responded within the time frame.

In the first question, everybody answered, so we have 6 bullets of text. It's not exactly clear which bullet relates to which person though. Maybe you can link one comment to one person, but by-and-large it's anonymous.

The beauty of this approach is that:

  • Psychological safety has been provided to those giving feedback. They can give a short, sharp response without worrying about how it reflects upon them. This gives Kim more honesty and a clearer picture of what people think

  • Rather than judging each piece of feedback according to who gave it, Kim is forced to view the pool of feedback as a whole and extract themes

In contrast, see the below responses to the question "How important is career progress to you?"

There's no way to tell which person said "It's a nice to have" πŸ•΅οΈ.

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