While we love to be the bearers of good news... you can limit your notifications for Good vibes and Ask me anything if you feel you're getting too many that aren't directly relevant to you.

Here's how

  1. Click the cog next to your name and photo

  2. Select 'My account'

  3. Then select 'Notifications' towards the top and middle of the screen

  4. Then decide how you would like your non-essential Good vibes and/or Ask me anything notifications delivered:

    1. Firstly you can choose to receive notifications just for your team or for everyone in the company...

    2. ...As it happens, or

    3. ...In a weekly digest (sent on Fridays), or

    4. Not at all

Et voila! πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Why can't I adjust the other notifications settings?

This is by design, to ensure you don't miss any essential notifications about giving or receiving feedback.

After all, that's why your company has chosen to use Howamigoing!

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