What is sentiment analysis?

Get the rich data from open-ended questions with the brevity of a multi-choice response.

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Sentiment analysis is a form of Natural Language Processing.

It uses Machine Learning algorithms to correctly identify the emotion and overall attitude within a block of text.

Within Howamigoing, sentiment analysis allows us to determine which pieces of feedback are:

  • Positive (i.e. the overall feeling within the response is clearly positive)

  • Negative (i.e. the overall feeling within the response is clearly negative)

  • Neutral (i.e. the response is not overwhelmingly positive or negative)

Sentiment analysis gives you the richness of open-ended responses AND the succinctness of a multi-choice response. The best of both worlds 🌏.

As with most things in life, sentiment analysis is not 100% accurate. But it gets better with time and practice :) We’ve fine tuned our sentiment analysis such that normally, 95%+ of feedback responses are accurately categorised as Positive, Negative or Neutral.

To activate sentiment analysis for your company, please contact us using the messenger in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

We'd love to set it up for you! πŸ’œ

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