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Understanding sentiment analysis
Why doesn’t every question have sentiment analysis?
Why doesn’t every question have sentiment analysis?

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Sentiment analysis is best used on responses to questions that are open-ended and non-leading.

For example, the question “How would you describe your boss’s management style?” is open-ended and non-leading - ideal for sentiment analysis.

But the question “What do you like about your boss’s management style?”, while open-ended, is guiding the responder to give a positive answer. Sentiment analysis could still be used, but it will be far less insightful.

Typically, sentiment analysis is focused on open-ended Pulse survey questions as these gather the highest volume of responses (vs 360 or Private feedback).

Look out for the symbol below to know which questions have sentiment analysis applied.


Please note, sentiment analysis is only available for customers on our Pro plan. To request sentiment analysis for your company, please get in touch with us via the messenger on the bottom right corner of the screen. We’d love to set it up for you!

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