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Who can see Colleague activity?
Who can see Colleague activity?

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Everyone in the company can see Colleague activity via the left hand menu -- but some of the data is restricted so it's only viewable by the person themselves, their Manager and Howamigoing platform Admins.

Remember, the reason for making it Colleague activity visible is because seeing others be proactive with feedback creates social proof.

It sends the message that “gathering advice is something people do here”. And instills a mentality across the company that will make great feedback part of your culture. 🙌

What everyone can see

Everyone can:

  • See ‘Colleague activity’ on the left hand menu

  • Search for colleagues in the list

  • Click into each person’s Colleague activity profile and see some basic stats about how many times that person has given/ received feedback and praise

For example, this is what Conchita can see of my Colleague activity:

What is restricted

Only the person, their Manager and Howamigoing platform Admins can see:

  • Private feedback event stats

  • 360 feedback event stats

For example, I can see my own Private and 360 feedback event stats within Colleague activity but Conchita can't:

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