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How does Colleague activity help me?
How does Colleague activity help me?

Feedback culture for the win!

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Colleague activity is designed to help everyone see that feedback and praise is something we do around here.

And by summarising each persons interaction with feedback via the Howamigoing platform, it helps ensure that measurable data can be factored into conversations.

Specifically, Colleague activity helps:


  • Demonstrate and quantify your proactivity with your personal development

  • Demonstrate and quantify your proactivity in offering praise to your colleagues

  • Demonstrate and quantify your efforts to respond to feedback requests

  • Inform your regular 1:1 conversations with your Manager

  • Inform your performance and appraisal discussions with real data

Managers/ Admins

  • See how engaged a person is with feedback - proactively and reactively

  • Bring data into 1:1 conversations and performance discussions

  • Bring data into performance and appraisal discussions

Leaders and the company at large

  • Leverage social proof to accelerate and maintain behaviour change towards gathering feedback and giving praise

  • Celebrate feedback role models within the business

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