What are Pulse surveys?

Your company's cultural feedback loop πŸ”‚

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Pulse surveys are short questionnaires that give you a read on how people are feeling about key topics in your business.

Specifically, Pulse surveys are great for:

  • Getting fast, accurate insights into your company and team culture

  • Conducting entry surveys for new hires and exit surveys for leavers

  • Making probation decisions in a fair and robust way

  • Evaluating projects to see what went well, and what didn’t

  • Measuring employee engagement monthly, quarterly or annually

  • Anything else where you need to get a read on how your people are feeling

They only take a few moments to set up on Howamigoing and they can deliver you a raft of valuable and accurate insights to assist with decision making.

Find out more in this quick ~2 min video!

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